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Container System

Surgical instruments FAICO representative of FAMI-ERMIS in Argentina

System that combines sterile barrier and a packaging protection in only one product, giving a systemic organization of the sterilization process

System benefits

  • • Resistant to sterilization process, storage and transport, allowing the organization and systematization of the processes.
  • • Its silicone joints allow the hermetic closing between the body and lid, ensuring an excellent microbial barrier, extending the time of sterilization expiration
  • • Provides disposable packaging economy (flat paper, crepe or not tissue), as well as re-processable packaging (cotton, denim)
  • • Uniform measures allow the stacking without blocking the sterilizing agent´s access.
  • • Available in standard model and safety model

Safety information

  • • The long handle ensures an easy- safe use. Silicon pipe around the hilt protects against burns and slips
  • • Latches are equipped with a system that ensures a firm blockage and balances the overpressure formed inside the container. They are designed for the use of seals, essential for process control
  • • Filters allow penetration and removal of the sterilizing. The filter retainer is blocked by pressing the center of the piece downwards. The opening of the filter retainer happens pressing the plate
  • • Safety model with opening button, pressing on the lid. It Protects against contamination during transport and the storage
  • • The labelholders allow a better identification of the containers and the clear traceability of sterilized instrument

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Want to contact FAICO? Contact us